I was bored with bad eye genes. So it’s hard to remember all the way back when I had to have my first glasses. But I remember not having it in 3rd grade from photos and I did have then in 5th grade. 4th grade is blank to me but I remember one event in 4th grade and i didn’t wear glasses.

So let’s just say I started having glasses by 5th grade. From there the world to me wasn’t as clear as it used to be. It scares me. Having to wake up every morning to just very blurry objects and blobs. I felt ugly when I wore my glasses. Deep down during 5th grade, I really didn’t care about my appearance. But when I left to Vietnam to study aboard, I became girlier,

Having to be more girly, I care more about my appearance and wearing glasses, in my opinion, wasn’t really attractive. The only thing they were good for was to cover the pimples I had in the areas of my glasses. Overtime, my eyes got worse and worse. It scares me more everyday. Once I got into 6th grade, i got into sports and we all know glasses always knocked off by many… many balls.
I got really into volleyball and soccer so every time I play my glasses would fall down to the ground at least a few times. It’s not only because I’m getting hit in the face all the time but it’s also my sweat.
From there I got my contacts and man… I hated contacts so much. I actually cried during my first fitting of contacts because i kept on getting scared of poking my eye. At the end, I got used to them and I’ve been using glasses and contacts since 6th grade till this year. So about 10 years. That’s a long time and my es were pretty bad, my lowest degrees was -5.50 for both my eyes. I was ready to get lasik and get it over with. I wanted to see the world more brighter and clearer. From there on November I made an appointment to see if i was a fit candidate for the surgery and after a long 2 hour consultation, I can conclude that I was the ideal candidate.
With that as soon as my consultation was done, my surgery was the next day. It took about a good 5 for the actual surgery and it was quick and painless. I was so happy that i got it done and it was so fast that I didn’t even notice that I got it done.

As soon as I got in he car to go home, I fell asleep till the next morning. I got home around 4 pm and I slept until the next day and woke up at 7 am. It was a very long sleep. My vision is not 20/20 right now but it’s currently 20/25. Better than what it was before, which was 20/400.

I really wanted to see the world most of my friends see it. My most of them don’t have to wear glasses. To me, that’s leisure.

I hate it when it rains and it fogs and gets my glasses wet.
I hate it when I’m wearing contacts and rain gets in my eyes and it hurts like a bitch.
I hate it when my glasses are all oily and gross or dirty on the lens and I have to clean it once in a while.
I hate having an inventory of new contat cases and contact water to make sure I don’t run out.
I hate laying down with friends or my boyfriend or even by myself with my glasses on because it hurts if i fall asleep or i cant see the screen.
I hate laying down with my contacts because I end up having to stay up because if I fall asleep, then thats bad for my contacts.
I hate having to go to the beach with my glasses because I cant enjoy the beach with it because it gets dirty easily.
Hate having to wear contacts at the beach because I can’t swim in the ocean nor can I get into beach without wind going into my contacts and the sand gets in it. It freaking hurts.

I can go on and list out why I hate it or dislike it.
I did love it, i did.

But when I love something, you just got to let it go.
And i did.


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