Today I just finished my finals and I’ve never felt so dead in my life.
If you guys don’t already know, I’m a junior in college and finally will be able to start my spring semester of being a junior in January.

So finals started, for me, on Monday and it was pretty bad. I studied constantly from Monday through Thursday none stop with 4 exams and 2 final papers and projects. It was pretty bad. I struggled like any other college student. But it’s okay, I’ll fest it up and just try my best to graduate.

The worst part of this week is that I have to deal with personal problems during my finals and it was really tough. I had to suck it up and i cried everyday throughout those days. I wish maybe today and hope today would be a good day. But of course I will never get any sleep and I have to pack for my trip which is tomorrow at 7 am.
But I’ll try my best to not whine about it and wait for my horrible grades. And hopefully my grade wont be below 2.0.

I did try my hardest but I’m also not the person who take tests very well. Im great at presentations, essays, and homework but of course exams are always 30% and more of the full grade. So that sucks for me.

Im hoping things will get better from there. I’m too tired for bad things to happen to me. No more tears to shed.


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