Last night, i had a really weird nightmare. It kinda seems like a dream but it was scary for me. So yes, a nightmare.

i dont exactly know or remember what my dream was but i do remember that i was the only one in my job that cam collect data by traveling through televisions. And so with that skill, i jumped into a tv and got to Vietnam in a flash. I went to investigate and was caught by some bad guys.

As soon as i tried to jump back into the television , i was too late. They got me. There was a recharge in my skill and the television i came out from needed some sort of power. At the end, i was caught and then i woke up.

Ive been having a lot of nightmares lately. Am i really that stress right now? Probably at people.

I quote an uber driver that drove me to school on ny birthday and we had the same birthday and his name was Ricardo. He told me:

“Vy, dont surround yourself with people who doesnt love or care for you. Surround yourself with good people. Life is easy. People just make life difficult.”


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