The Truth.

I’m finally done with my junior year and I’m here to make amends.

Every time I wrote a blog post about how I was going to keep up with my writing, well, i was lying. Not because I wanted to but I was looking into a place where I can write my posts in. I’ve been finding it difficult to write my blog post on here because I always want to write to connect with others. But it seems as though my writing hasn’t been connecting with anyone.

I have no one to blame by myself. I’ve been slacking off and I definitely miss my blog shows a lot more. But as many already know, I love telling stories and sometimes I want to start over and start from the beginning but I can’t because people have already heard and read about it. I’m hoping to be more productive in my blog. FOR REALS.

Because my memories is always hazy and it’s hard to remember any sort of happy or sad memories i’ve had for the past years. In a blink of an eye, I’m already a senior in college and that’s very scary. I hope I can keep my promise to you guys and as well as mine. I just havent found my place yet. Maybe i need to look into new places to blog or find my motivation.

I feel even worse writing here because I’m only blogging as an excuse to keep myself from being bored in this family party I am at by myself. But I came to apologize as well.



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