Moving on


There is so much to tell you. There has been a lot of drama between friends and family and of course my relationship.

Let’s start with my “friends”. There are a lot of betrayal, and gossiping and much love and hatred between people who do not trust each other from previous fights or other certain dramas. I’m not part of it, But im some what involved since I’m kind of stuck in the middle and have to see everyone’s change in character and judgement from their actions.

Not too much with my family. But my father isn’t too happy with me always so busy with school and he doesn’t believe i’m still in school (at the time). y siblings are growing up but still the same and my mom is still the same and happy with my choices in life.

With my relationship, it had a lot of downs lately but we’re trying to make things better as we move forward.

As my current status, I’m stuck. I have no job or no internship and I’m super desperate. But most of my friends and people who think are my friends are graduating from college and moving to many different states and countries. So I’m on my own with moving on with graduation next year, work out to lose weight, food adventures, relationship adventures and more apartment adventures.


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