Once again… Happiness

We strive for happiness. Sometime we are so stubborn enough to be selfish and ask for it from the people we care and love. People say we live to eat, work, and make money. But what good is it if you’re not happy?

I’m at a point in my life where I can see that I have no achieve much happiness. I’m only doing what I believe is right. I try to finish school, look for jobs and think about buying a house, get married and kids. That’s the routine. But, is there happiness in that if it’s just all planned out so clearly and cleanly
I have 1 more year left of college and it frightens me because it’s just bringing me a step closer to the real world.

I’ve grown up in a household that wasn’t so wealthy but I didn’t go unspoiled. I was very much spoiled with food, clothing, and love from my parents. We went to yearly trips to Asia and go out to eat and laugh and have fun. But now that I’ve moved out on my own with my older sister, we can not be spoiled any longer. We ave to pay bills, go to work like the rest of everyone else that is growing up.

Why did I write this post? Well…. I’m just too scared to grow up and I know I can stop it because I’m growing every day. I have 2 more semesters left of college and all my friends have already either graduated or went back to their home town or even gotten work.

I’m always too scared to do anything. But what can I do? Stop time? That’s not even possible.


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