Three Nightmares

Two days ago, I have experienced multiple nightmares and they were horrifying. I woke up crying my eyes out until they became dry and red.

The first nightmare starting with me waking up in my own bed and getting ready to go out to my own neighborhood for a high school reunion party. It felt so realistic and real so I didn’t ask much of it. As soon as I got there, i saw 4 to 10 people that I hated and they were super duper nice to me. To me, that triggered me to know that it was just a dream. So I left and i met up with a old friend of mine that lives in the same area as me. He offered me a ride, which was normal, and he took me into a parking lot. It was in a dark alley and I saw blood and dead bodies. It was very scary to me. And I asked him, “why did you park here?” and he said, “parking in Boston is so expensive. I don’t want to pay for parking?”. To me, that seemed reasonable. But the dead bodies were moving and screaming to get to me and all. We went to look for his car because it was so dark and I just wanted to go home. Then I flashed my cellphone’s flashlight on one of the cars and I saw an old man’s body. I looked closely and he screamed right to my face and I ran. I pulled my friend with me but he didn’t budge. I looked back at him and he started to laugh and screamed at my face and pulling me toward him.

I ran and tripped. So I closed my eyes and prayed in my mother’s tongue (Vietnamese).

To my surprise, I woke up in my own bed. I thought the nightmare was over and I felt relieved. My sister rushed to my door and opened and asked if i was okay and she heard me scream. I said i had a nightmare. And then she told me she’s gonna make me breakfast. That’s normal for my big sister to ask me that and take care of me. But then I saw her stood still outside my door, facing to the right. And then something pulled her body and I heard her run toward my room and her eyes were white and her veins were popping out. She grabbed onto to me and tried to bite me. All I did was closed my eyes and prayed again and I woke up.

I woke up in my bed again and I was so happy. And everything was normal and my boyfriend was right next to me. So, I tried to wake him up and turned his body to face me. Then as I turned him, he was bloody, cut up and dead and I screamed.

I woke up once again and i fucking HOPED that this wasn’t another nightmare. I started to cry and cry, hoping it’ll be all over. And my boyfriend turned to me and heard that I was crying and asked me if i was okay. And making sure I wasn’t sure. And I said I have three nightmares and I’m scared that this is one too. And he hugged me tightly and pinched me to let me know i’m awake. But I wasn’t convinced. He kissed me and told me everything will be okay. And I don’t need to be scared.

Three Nightmares.

I need to go to church or something.


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