Love Story (1)

It all started when I was just a little girl in kindergarten. I always was so fascinated by the love stories and one day finding my prince (which was a big deal by in the day for me).

I had 2 best friends at the time. One boy named, Connor, and another friend that’s a girl named, Monica. I shared everything with her so she knew that I liked him a lot. So one day, she was shipping our relationship hard like making us play hide and seek and hiding in the same spot together, getting lunch together and even taking nap times next to each other.

I decided to tell him that I liked him and one day, he gave me a ring pop and told me he liked me first. I was so happy and honestly, super surprised because I was actually thinking he was going to reject me. I prepared myself for it. But he liked me back and I was the happiest girl in the world.

And so during recess, he would hold my hand and boys would say ew but Connor was the top dog, so he didn’t care.
One day, i was waiting to get picked up by my mom, I saw Connor’s dad and he came to pick up Connor to go home. I said hi and he did the same.

But then he brought up that by the end of the school year, Connor and the whole family was going to go back to Ireland. I was so upset but honestly, I thought it was just a vacation. Knowing me back then, I was naive and didn’t know.

I never really got to say goodbye. But my prince treated me very well.

So I’ll say it here.

Goodbye Connor and thank you for the wonderful memories.


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