So funny story, I’ve actually had a car for quite some time now. Probably since 11th grade. It’s a pretty crappy car but it drives and works.

I recently reunited with it and yesterday i named him with my sister and we decided on Oscar. He’s pretty slow and makes a lot of noises but he works. Very old, 99 Nissan Sentra.

I don’t really have many memories with him other than having to drive him to go to school a couple of times and getting my first ticket at school (even if my biology teacher told me it’s okay for me to park at that certain area). Then I’ve driven my ex boyfriend on there (ew). And I’ve had to pick it up from the tow area because of street cleaning (twice, today counts).

I’ve gotten 1 ticket because i parked at a meter and I was a few seconds late. And today I have my 2nd ticket because of street cleaning. But i’m happy to have a car to drive myself to do laundry and to do certain errands like driving to go get some things fixed or get food. I decided to write about Oscar because I have to run back home right after work to pay a ticket off and pick it up from the tow area. This sucks.


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