Maybe it’s just me

All my life, I’ve been taught to never trust others and where and who to not go or talk to. And I’ve found myself to recently com across a situation of my best friend’s boyfriend that did something I believe to be very naive and stupid. Here’s the story.

So my best friend was in the car with her boyfriend and he dropped her off home. She lives in a very dangerous and ghetto area (I used to live there and got mugged and attacked so no… I know what I’m talking about). Moving on…. So, he dropped her off and we went back into her apartment and apparently, some girl walked up to him asking for a ride and she’s from Cape Verde (which is pretty irrelevant but she told him that). And so, he gave her the ride.

Okay, this happened at 12 am at night in a very bad neighborhood and also to a stranger that could be a murderer and everything. She could have robbed him and such. My best friend got so mad tat she gave him a yelling. Though, he got back home safely, but it wasn’t his responsibility to take her home.

What if she was part of a gang and robbed him and jumped him for his car or money?

What if she had a gun to his head? Or even a knife?

What if she was a ghost (I believe in them).?

What if she got out of prison and make him her bitch?

I don’t know but all of those possibilities could have happened anywhere. And so he texted my best friend telling her she’s overreacting and that that girl was nice and innocent and that she was a girl.

UM! EXCUSE ME! ARE YOU SAYING A GIRL ISNT CAPABLE OF MURDER, THEFT, OR EVEN KIDNAPPING? It was stupid. You should never put your guard down for any gender. Everyone is the same. Even for age like an old lady or man or a very young kid.

What he should have done was call his girlfriend downstairs to stay with him and with an adult and even call the police (the non emergency hotline) or even call a taxi for her and pay for it. You just can’t put yourself in a dangerous position all by yourself. My best friend even lived near a police station. Probably by 5 block. oh my goodness. He is so naive.

I know that if he was in a horror movie, he’ll be the first one to die. I’m not being mean. I’m being realistic.


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