New Computer


I’ve been MIA lately because my parents are coming back from Vietnam next week and a lot of errands were put down onto my list because of my parents. And when the date of them coming back is coming closer, more problems or errands are added to the list.

My boyfriend and I invested on a new desktop computer and it’s set up in my room. The computer was quiet expensive but customized and it’s just beautiful. We got the monitor for free and I just plugging in my light up speakers and plugged in my boyfriends keyboard. So there we have it. I haven’t been on stream for a week as well. But I’m waiting for my webcam to come in and my new headset. So woot.

It runs beautifully and ugh…. i love it so much. Hopefully in the next year, I’ll invest money in my own computer and my own place and own car.


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