The Camping Type of Girl

Lots of my friends are probably one of those girls that can’t handle camping. It’s all about having fun, survival, and much more than just putting up a tent and eating.

Growing up, most parents take their children to go camping to relieve stress and get away from the technology that taking over our lives. I wish I had that. My parents were never about trying to remove me from technology and getting in touch with my inner nature self. It was all about money and studying.

I’ve recently went on my 2nd camping trip along side with my boyfriend’s martial arts group and him. It didn’t turn out as how we wanted to because we both had work and errands the on the day we ad to leave to go to camp. It was a 3 hour drive. So the thing is, we didn’t get to the camp site until 9 pm. Having to set up camp and look for twig for fire and everything is pretty hard. What made it worse was we were up in the mountains, it went down to 20 degrees or less and it rained recently so the ground is muddy and soggy.

No lie, we managed and had a blast. Except the only way to go to the bathroom was going to MCD that was 5 miles away in the next town over. I mean we could have just done our number 1s and 2s out in the wild but…. it was pretty risky in our area. It was so wet and dangerous, even to hike. At least in that area.

It sucks that most of my girlfriends KNOW they can’t handle camp because of bugs, bug bites, so unclean everything is.

But I wish i can go camping every week. It’s good for my back, lungs and my mind. I’m always going insane in the city.


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