A Good Liar

What do you think makes a good liar? For me, growing up, I always thought I was a good liar. Someone who lies about certain things and doesn’t get caught. Even if deep down, as a child, I knew I was caught by my parents about throwing out food i didn’t want to eat. But they never said anything to me, so it made me more confident in lying throughout my whole life.

But now being 21 almost 22, I’ve been lying everyday to myself in the worst way possible. Everyone does this too but i’m very aware of it. I lie about my feelings to the person i love the most. When we fight or when I see my significant other hurt, I lie to myself that I’m okay and it doesn’t affect me. It’s hard to figure else what to say after that.

I’m hurt but I have to be a pretender because the problem isn’t mine. It’s his. And all I can do is wait until the problem is resolved and maybe I don’t have to lie to myself anymore.


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