My Last Fall Semester

Being perfectly honest with you, there’s no feeling to describe this. Literally… I feel nothing, Like, sure it’s unreal that I’m now a senior in college and I basically finish college in about realistic 8 months and I can’t exactly show my excitement.

Because, it doesn’t feel amazing or really anything too surprising. I kinda saw it in myself to be about to move forward on my own and finish school. But I’m super excited about being in the real world. Some say it’s hard and some say it’s pretty much how you look at it and it isn’t as bad as how everyone portrays it to be. Most of my friends who have already graduated or are in the real world are on Facebook or Reddit during work. There are some things like documents and project they have to work on but it doesn’t seem so bad.

I for one want to go into the real world and make money so I can go travel and buy a lot of things. I’m not expensive person when it comes to things. I’m more expensive when it comes to food and travels. Or maybe in technology.

In a way, it’s a little sad to know that I’m basically almost done with school forever, even if I might go back to school for grad school (which is pretty highly unlikely unless I get super super bored with the real world). But knowing me, I probably won’t go back to school. I hate sitting in one spot and listen to lectures and take notes and then remember what you learn and take quizzes and tests even if i know i’m the worst test or exam or quiz taker.

Well the fall semester hasn’t started yet but I’m already prepared to say goodbye to half of my last college year.


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