It’s the end of the line for summer. Lots of people has come back from vacations and went back to work and school.

As for me, I don’t start till next week but it makes me super sad to think that I have to put my butt down on a chair for hours just to “learn” and “grow” and “graduate” college, from there at least. Summer hasn’t always been my favorite season. My hair gets frizzy, I sweat everywhere through my chest, bum, thighs, arm pits, EVERYWHERE.

And not to mention, I have a car that doesn’t have an air conditioner that works. Also NOT TO MENTION, I commute to work and school and the trains are either always crowded or too hot to breathe in.

When I think about summer, I used to think that that’s when everyone breaks up and everyone comes back to school or work single; except the married ones. But anything can happen. Or even people come back pregnant or hotter or uglier. Summer is like a season of change and transition, in my opinion. I did lose weight, I’m still dating my boyfriend, I got a job, my own apartment, car, cat, and everything I can ask for.

Except that I’m a vegan now. Smh. That’s another story to tell for another day.

Not that summer is ending, it’s going to be Fall and that’s when it’s all about sweaters and everyone maintains to move forward or to get a love interest.

But of course, everyone is different.


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