A broke college student’s feast


This was one of my first meals in my new apartment. I remember being home alone and feeling like wanting to eat a rainbow (I’m serious).

So I first made rice and I suck at making rice. The easiest things to make in an asian household should be rice but I never learned how to cook it till I moved out of my parent’s house. And after, I made that orange stir fried noodles, that’s actually a cheese ramen I bought from market and I just cooked it regularly and stirred fried it. Later, I cooked Brussels sprouts with garlic and salt and pepper cooked in butter. I also cooked some beef chucks on the side and a bowl of corn and I got myself some green tea, soy milk and made a Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Sadly, I was alone at home so yes, I ate all of this in one sitting. I like cooking random things and these dishes didn’t go well together but they tasted good separately.

I was just so hungry. But trust me, if you asked me to cook you something, anything at all, I can do it!


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