Love Story (2)

I haven’t gotten a chance to get into another love story of mine but here we go~

So when I was in I believe 2nd grade, I really liked this Spanish kid from my class. He was a bully, and mean but I guess to me, it was attractive and he was fun and a clown in class. So I always had a crush on him.

Weirdly, I would stalk him during free time and recess. I guess I was becoming a dangerous girl at the time and I was always looking for my prince (hence the fairy tale complex I have).
I think he knew that I liked him a lot so he started to be more nice to me and not tease me or make fun of me. We became such good friends and we were always the two that always hanged out together. When I was that age, I was a bit of a tomboy, so I knew that guys didn’t think I had cooties or that I was one of the girls. I was one of the guys.

Nothing escalated from there. The only new things from that crush is that my mom knew and then after that I moved out of that school and got transferred to a new school. I never saw him again. But it didn’t bother me because I ended up liking a new kid in my new school and in my new class.

I’m such a crush player.


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