22nd Birthday

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22~~!!

Wow. Full of cheese. Well anyways, yes, I am officially 22. The most useless age among lots of other useless ages. But I have to say I love it but I hate it.

I love it because it reminds me of where I am in my life. This is the age I will be graduating with. This is the age where I have successfully obtain my spot as a senior in college, an apartment, a car, a pet thats a cat, and work. This is the age of moving on and forward to the real world. Thats why I love this age.
I’ve gotten amazing gifts such as a handmade Asian painting of my name from am friend, a bath headband and asian made pens from my best friend and a hoodie from another friend and also Marc Jacobs sunglasses, a grumpy cat plushie, a card and a file folder organizer. And I can’t forge’t from the amazing boyfriend i had, he hand written a letter for me that only say… “Happy Birthday Vy Ha, 22nd on the 16th, of September 2015, Yours Truly, Long N. ” …. =_=

But he later made me mac and cheese (homemade) for my dinner because I will be working all night till 9 so I’ll be busy till my birthday ends.

But why I hate it. My birthday is like the synonym of Friday the 13th. Good things always…. and i mean it, quote me, “Good things always happen to me on Friday the 13th.” And the upcoming week before my birthday, I got my period (TMI) and it was so much flow (TMI) and I GOT LOTS OF CRAMPS AND HEADACHES. I felt weak and sad. Not only that, I was going through my first week of school on my birthday. Every fucking year, and of course it had to be me that goes through with it when everyone is all idle with their school work and stuff and I only hoped people would remember my birthday because it was on Facebook.

Let’s not forget the tears. I tend to fight with mostly the guy I end up dating around my birthday. Shit like this always happen and I always cry on and before my birthday. EVEN THIS BIRTHDAY. Yes, I did cry and fought with my boyfriend and over something stupid. And as much as I hate being nice to people on their birthday but it’s kind of their birth right. I don’t want people feeling like shit on the day they were born and be happy that they exist. I just wish some people would stop fucking around and just hold their tongue for 1 fucking day.

It’s someone’s birthday, let them have this day and you can have the rest of 364 days to start stupid shit with them later. That’s what I have to go through.

What’ worse is that everything dies down after my birthday and I fucking wish I didnt have to go through with that on my birthday. But I had to. It happens every fucking year. Damn


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