People I dislike.

Not that I have the time to tell you all the people I dislike. But I will tell you one of them. I hate quitters. I dislike people who do not try to show any leadership skills or any confidence.

It’s not easy, I get it. Weirdly, it came to me very easily to be a leader. But not everyone is like me, I get that. I get it that it takes time to grow to become a better person and a leader. But there are certain people who has crossed the line with that one.

I used to be in a cultural club at my university but now that i’m a senior, i want to take control of my life and look for jobs, and careers and not stress and finish school. But along the lines, I go for the ride too. I still go to meetings and I stop by to check who will be there to do work and who wont.

So the people in this eboard of this club used to be my little freshmens, i am their senior. I was in the higher ranks of the positions by them so I know it all, along with 2 seniors that already has graduated. And man let me tell you, the president is a nice guy, but he’s a pushover. He doesnt want to be mean because they’re his friends. But the things about working in a club or group is that if you’re the leader, you’re suppose to lead.

That is all.


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